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Emmanuel Assembly of God - A Caring Family Church that connects people to the love of Jesus

01 Jan 1970 07:30am - 01 Jan 1970 07:30am


Hidden in the forested areas on a hill lies many longhouses that belong to the Ibans. The longhouse that our team visits is located at (and hence called) Bunu Beging. Emmanuel sends a group of 4 to 6 members for a duration of 5 days. On the way up to the longhouse, the team will purchase groceries to bless the residents there. 

There will be a house-to-house to connect with the different families in prayer and giving of groceries. The team will also host a leadership training session to equip the church leaders of the longhouse. Other longhouses will be invited to join the Sunday service as our members share God’s Word through the preaching and sharing of testimonies.

The youths will be meeting together for activities to create a bond and fellowship. A technical session on worship is held to help train and guide the younger worship team members to be better equipped to serve God and His church. As the youths and children gather, there will be sessions for the team to share with them about God’s Word.



Activities include one-day trips to minister to the local Church. The team will equip and disciple Church members based on biblical values. There is also an annual 3-day family camp where the team can interact with and minister to members.


If you’re interested in either of these trips, please click here for details of the dates and to sign up: https://tinyurl.com/EAGMissions2020